Shiva Hookah - Montreal

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The Shiva Hookah Montreal has two hose connections and allows you to smoke with up to 2 people. The metal parts are continuously checked during production, as well as the high quality crystal glass. The closed-chamber system eliminates stale smoke in the bowl and creates space for new smoke.

Product details:

Smoke column: length 21.5 cm, inner diameter 1.4 cm

Base: Click system, Closed-Chamber System

Bowl: height 25,9 cm, width 23 cm, material: crystal glass

charcoal plate: outer diameter 20,7 cm, inner diameter 1,9 cm

Scope of delivery:

1x Bowl + thread, 1x stainless steel smoke column, 2x hose connector, 2x hose end piece, 5x valve balls made of glass, 3x blow-off valve, 1x hose spring, 1x silicone hose Black Matt, 1x stainless steel mouthpiece "Standard", 1x carbon plate, 1x smoke column counterpart, 1x head adapter, 1x dip tube, 1x diffuser, 4x sleeve, 1x Base

Total height: approx. 58cm

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