MAGNUM Tradi Kalyan - Elegance Gold

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The MAGNUM TRADI is made of brass and has a 24 carat gold-plated charcoal plate, which perfectly matches the brass look.

The bowl is made of the royal class: Bohemian crystal glass decorated with real gold leaf. Czech masters of glass art produce the MAGNUM Bowls by hand. The glass body is mouth-blown and then further processed so that each bowl is truly unique.

The unique design combines traditional hookah culture with modernity.

New plug-in system: The torment of sealing problems, gaskets or rubber seals are finally over. Because an innovative, simple but at the same time bomb-tight plug-in system was specially developed!

Innovative blow-out system: The MAGNUM TRADI uses our own Industry System. The blow-out adapter is omitted, blowing out is done from the three holes, which has become the recognition feature of MAGNUM. Nevertheless, there is one novelty: The ball is screwed into the base from below. That means, once assembled, never again necessary to dismantle!

Details: Height: approx. 50 cm, 1xconnections: Material plate: stainless steel, 24 carat gold-plated, Material smoke column: brass Material dip tube: stainless steel, Material bowl: Bohemian crystal glass decorated with gold leaf, Closure: plug-in system without seals, Innovative blow-out system.

Scope of delivery: 1x base, 1x carbon plate, 1x head adapter, 1x hose connection (without hose adapter!), 1x smoke column, 1x valve ball 5mm, 1x water pipe, 1x bowl

Note: The bowls are all handmade and mouth-blown, so small air bubbles may occur. This is not a reason for complaint.

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