MAGNUM Revolution 4S 24 Carat Gold Master X3 Flower

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The MAGNUM 24 carat gold series:

Elegance, modernity and tradition all in one.

With hookahs from the model series MAGNUM Revolution innovation is in every technical detail. In addition to the exceptional quality, but also the functionality and design of the hookahs convince our demanding customers.

The valve balls, for example, were originally used in the technology of steam trains.

MAGNUM 24 carat gold - Revolution 4S Base with Master X3 Flower Bowl

Included with the MAGNUM Revolution hookah with the quad base are three hose adapters, three hose connectors and three blow-out valves.

MAGNUM designs - tradition meets modernity

The design of the smoke column alone shows that the technical quality is also reflected here. Stainless steel is already convincing in itself as a high-quality material. And so the design of the stainless steel parts is just as refined as that of the bowls. Czech master glassblowers produce the bowls from crystal glass.

Inspired by the centuries-old Ottoman smoking tradition, designers have collaborated with constructors to create the exclusive handmade MAGNUM Bowl made of crystal glass. Fine craftsmanship makes each bowl unique and elegant.

Crystal Glass Handmade in Czech Republic

Czech masters of glass art make the bowls by hand. The glass body is mouth-blown and then finished so that each bowl is truly unique. The result is a design product made of Bohemian crystal glass, the exclusive quality of which can be seen at first glance. Together with the stainless steel components, they make the MAGNUM hookahs something very special.

By the way: You can easily tell whether you have a hookah with an original MAGNUM bowl in front of you: Under each MAGNUM Bowl you will find the M from our logo again.

Note: The bowls are all mouth-blown and handmade, therefore small air bubbles can occur in the bowls. This is not a reason for complaint!


MAGNUM products are made of carefully selected materials. Please handle with care so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

  • Use a conventional stainless steel cleaner to clean the products.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the products.
  • To clean the bowl, it is best to use a glass cleaner, in the best case "sour cream away" and use a soft sponge with a fine surface

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