AEON Shisha - Edition 4 - Premium Frozen Lava

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The Aeon Edition 4 is the successor of the Edition 3 and is produced in Germany. The special feature of the Aeon Edition 4 is the innovative blow-out system, which allows you to blow out the stale smoke in the bowl without the smoke coming out of the hoses.The bowls are all handmade and mouth-blown.

Scope of supply: Head adapter with M16x1 thread, carbon plate (hand cut from V2A stainless steel), 18/8 ground joint on M16x1 adapter, smoke column below with 29/2 ground joint below (M14x1 thread inside) and 18/8 ground joint above, smoke column above with 18/8 ground joint, base with 4 connections incl. closed chamber and blow out valve. Closed Chamber and blow-off valve at the smoke column, 4 x hose end pieces with shortened 18/8 grind incl. 11mm ball, draught reducer (can be used optionally to adjust the draught of a traditional hookah), 4 x sleeves incl. 6mm ball for blowing out, 4 x patented APS (AEON Purge System) in the base, consisting of 3 parts each: Ball seat for 11mm ball, spring and adjustable purge device, Dip tube top with M14x1 thread, Dip tube bottom with M14x1 thread (Dip tube length can be adjusted to customize the draw), Diffuser with M14x1 thread, Bowl with thread.

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