Proof of age

The amended Youth Protection Act in paragraph 10 ( §10 JuSchG ) obliges every online shop since 01 April 2016 to require proof of age from its customers for products such as shisha, tobacco, tobacco sartz or liquids.

The main changes relate primarily to paragraph 10 paragraph 3 and 4, which regulate the trade for online shops.

Through this change in the law, we are also required to carry out an age check before the purchase of such products, which the postman (must) do again upon delivery.

In the following, we have summarized and answered the most important questions on the subject of proof of age.

What is proof of age?

A proof of age is a valid, official document (e.g. identity card or passport) which proves not only the age but also the address given when ordering. These must absolutely match, otherwise no order is possible.

Driver's licenses, student cards and membership cards are therefore not acceptable documents.

Why is proof of age required?

Due to the changed legal situation, all articles in our shop can only be ordered after presentation of a valid proof of age.
The legislator makes it mandatory for us as a retailer to ensure proof of age.

How can I provide proof of age?

Send the proof of age to the following email address:

Please note the following information regarding proof of age:

  • All required information must be legible. This includes:
    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Full address
    • Expiration date of the proof of age
  • Remaining information can/must be redacted
  • All 4 corners must be shown
  • Front and back side are required
  • Data must match the data entered during the order process!

Only if all criteria are fulfilled, the activation of the account can take place.

What happens with my proof of age?

Your proof of age will be sent to our specially created mailbox. Here a manual check of the transmitted data with the data indicated with the order takes place.

For legal reasons, the proof of age is deleted after successful verification, so that no data is stored or archived.

Do I have to provide proof of age for every order?

With a guest order, the proof of age must be provided each time anew.

For this reason we recommend creating a customer account. In this case, proof of age only has to be provided once. This will be checked manually and if the transmitted data matches the data given at the time of ordering, your customer account will be activated. This means that in future you will be able to order all items in our range without restriction.


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